Pastor Anthony M. Nelson Sr. is a gift from God, one that is deemed as a vessel of honor.  He was born in Ashdown, AR, on
September 7, 1968 to John & Ernestine Nelson.  He began his term in ministry on May of 1991.  It was by Divine
appointment that he followed in the path of his father, Pastor John Nelson, as the Pastor of Community Freewill Ministries
in April of 1992.

Although, raised in the Baptist church God has established him to reach people of varied denominations, backgrounds,
cultures and races.  He is an avid student of the Word of God and a person who loves God and people.

Pastor Nelson is a profound and prolific pastor/teacher preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He has been called by God
and equipped with an apostolic anointing to aim humanity in the direction of its Divine purpose.  Overcoming his own
personal challenges has caused him to become one of the greatest seers of our time.  

Pastor Nelsons' ministry uniquely promotes the Love of God and people.  He has ministered in many ventures from the Four
States & Middle America to the Great Northwest, causing many lives to be transformed by the Glory of God.  

He is the Pastor of Community Freewill Ministries of Ashdown, AR. Freewill is an informing, inspiring and life changing
ministry that is impacting its own community and the nation.  

He is also the founder of Anthony M. Nelson Ministries which focal point is preaching & teaching of the Word of God (in
proper context), mentoring, healing, deliverance, restoration, reconciliation and redemption.  He has written a book
entitled, “The Anointing of Parenting”.  

He is the proud husband of Shamanda L. Nelson and Father of Charmaine, Alexandreia, Anthony Jr. and Johnae’.
Pastor Anthony M. Nelson Sr.